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Youth Leadership, Development, and Services

Shaping the future for Pacific Islander Communities


"I think just having role models, Pacific Islander role models, be there to help me out, and to show that there's other people like me... would help me and other students" (PI Student - Tofasaili Study or Community Survey). 

Our Pacific Islander communities' future lies in the hands of the younger generations. Preserving our history and heritage requires preparing our youth and young adults for the challenges and uncertainties that lie ahead. VOPIN has established various ways to provide scholarship opportunities to the younger generations, allowing them to flourish.

  • Our Youth Board Membership opportunity is not just a challenge but a chance to empower high school and college students. It encourages them to serve on VOPIN's Board of Directors, where they can gain invaluable skills in leadership, learn about their community, and voice their opinions on issues that shape their future. This journey is not without its rewards-a stipend for board-related activities and an academic scholarship upon completing a two-year commitment, allowing them to choose their path to higher education
  • ​​​​​Our Student Internship opportunity is a stepping stone towards a successful career path. This program is designed to provide practical experience, helping high school graduates and college students grow professionally. It includes structured learning, giving students hands-on experience with meeting deadlines, making decisions, and working with others – all essential skills for success in the workplace. Additionally, this program allows students to apply the four R's – rigor, relevance, relationships, and results – to their work and helps them plan for a successful future.

The Student Internship project provides tuition assistance and/or compensation for participants. This internship project is not associated with or part of any federal or state student financial assistance programs and is a non-academic credit-earning program.

application guidelines

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please complete the pre-application form, and a representative will contact you in a timely manner.

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