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Our Mission

The Voices of Pacific Island Nations (VOPIN) is committed to inspiring Pasefika students and families by providing high-quality, culturally responsive services and resources to eliminate educational and opportunity inequities. We serve as a bridge to develop stronger relationships between students, families, schools, and the community.

  • Students and Families Served
    Students and Families Served


  • Departments: Youth and Young Adults, Family Services, Arts and Culture
    Departments: Youth and Young Adults, Family Services, Arts and Culture


  • Volunteer Hours
    Volunteer Hours


  • Dollars Raised
    Dollars Raised


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Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Niue, Rotuma, Tokelau, Tuvalu, Futuna and Uvea formed a large exchange community in which wealth and people with their skills and arts circulated endlessly... Oceania is vast, Oceania is expanding, Oceania is hospitable and generous, Oceania is humanity rising from the depths of brine and regions of fire deeper still, Oceania is Us...

John Alexander Kneubuhl, an accomplished playwright, is the son of a Samoan mother and an American father. On July 2, 1920, John was born in Fagatogo, American Samoa. His father, Benjamin F. Kneubuhl, was a navy surveyor from Iowa who settled in Samoa and later became a successful businessman. John’s mother was Atalina Pritchard from Apia, Samoa.