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Children, Youth & Family Services


Family is central to the fabric of the Pacific Islander communities. Pacific Islander families have a distinctive identification due to their culture and beliefs. Their cultural identity is practiced at home, church, and other PI gathered for community events. However, our families struggle to navigate the complex educational and social-economic systems due to cultural dissimilarities, language barriers, poverty, and a sense of shame of being stereotyped. These challenges create barriers and discourage our families from seeking services to improve their current status and thrive.

Culturally, children (youth and young adults) often feel obligated to meet family expectations and fulfill responsibilities at home that take precedence over their education. Cultural duality and the multiple challenges often create stress among our youth and young adults, leading to mental health, educational, and other related issues that hinder their success.   

Our System of Care is a broad, flexible array of related resources, services, and support to manage multiple stressors for individuals and families by referrals, coaching, delivering, and networking with other community resources and services to address their needs.