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Family is the fabric of the Pacific Islander communities...

Children & Family

family orientation

The natural description of a family unit has evolved with time and circumstances. A single parent or a teenager with a child can be considered as a family unit. Now, imagine a teenager with a child or with children, with a host of stressors, trying to navigate the multiple systems to obtain services... Th

Although, there are limited data on PI teen pregnancy, it is undeniable that PI teenage pregnancy within the PI communities continues to rise. The most difficult for a teenage mother is raising her child in a household that is already overcrowded with multiple family members and relatives. The family crisis within the PI communities is another social and economic concern that is under observation in our state. Family hardship within the PI communities is another indicator or factor that contributes to our students' lack of academic achievement.         

Providing the necessary adequate and culturally responsive services for our students and their families is VOPIN'S commitment to close the academic and opportunity disparity gaps.  

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