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Student Spotlight: Mia Sianquita

Mia Sianquita

Bremerton High School student Mia Sianquita is a vibrant 16-year-old junior with a zest for life that is as infectious as it is inspiring. As someone who loves "hanging out with [her] friends, traveling, and playing volleyball,” Mia embodies the spirit of youthful exploration and friendship. Her involvement with the Voices of Pacific Island Nations (VOPIN) program at Bremerton High School showcases her commitment to community and her personal growth within a supportive educational environment.

Mia views VOPIN as "a good program to be in and easy. It's sometimes good to talk to people I get along with," highlighting her appreciation for real-world interactions facilitated by the program. This reflects her value on human connections and the simple, yet profound, joys found in communal engagement.The significance of VOPIN in Mia's life cannot be overstated. It has provided her with a comforting reminder of her roots, making her feel like she's back in Hawaii. As she puts it, "It's good. Reminds me of Hawaii." This emotional connection to her heritage and the feeling of belonging are crucial for her identity as a Pacific Islander student.

Moreover, VOPIN has had a tangible impact on Mia's academic journey, particularly in areas where she needed support. She recounts how the program helped her academically: "They helped me with my geometry work." This assistance is part of the broader supportive network that Navigating Education offers to its students, facilitating not just academic achievement but also personal development and comfort. Mia's experience in a more focused learning environment, "a smaller place . . . so I just get an empty room that I can sit," underscores the program's adaptability to individual needs, fostering a conducive learning atmosphere for diverse learners.

Despite her achievements and the support she receives, Mia remains contemplative about her future, embodying the quintessential teenage mix of aspiration and uncertainty. "I don't know. I want to go to college but I don't know. I want to be a veterinarian, but I might move to LA," she muses, illustrating her open-minded approach to her future and career prospects.Mia's advice to her peers, though succinct, resonates with optimism and resilience: "Stay positive." This simple yet powerful mantra encapsulates her outlook on life, encouraging fellow Pacific Islander students to maintain a positive attitude amidst challenges.In essence, Mia Sianquita is a testament to the power of community, support, and individual agency. Her journey through high school, enriched by her participation in VOPIN, reflects a young woman who is both grounded in her cultural identity and eager to explore the vast possibilities that lie ahead.