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Image of tutoring students in Bremerton High School

As the current school year (2022-23) draws to a close, we are preparing for the next academic year (2023-24) and anticipating the arrival of around 30 Pacific Islander ninth graders. However, we have some concerns regarding our recent survey results. The survey revealed that over 57% of Pacific Islander high school students at Bremerton High School failed math in the first semester of this academic year. We are currently facing obstacles as we gather more academic data, particularly in the area of math, from our students.

VOPIN's 'Navigating Education' project encourages our students to take ownership of their academic success and future. Our students not only struggle academically, but their families are also struggling to navigate multiple socioeconomic challenges, which is reflected by our students' lack of achievement.   

A glimpse of our after-school tutoring here.