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April 2022 Newsletter

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Happy Spring, also known as springtime, is one of the four temperate seasons, succeeding winter and preceding summer! Spring has various technical definitions, but weather changes impact the two hemispheres differently. When it is Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, it is autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and vice versa. The earth's equator separates the north and south hemispheres. However, some continents have parts in both hemispheres.

The Pacific Navigators perhaps knew a thing or two about climate change before it became a primary global concern. Climate change refers to shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. As the planet continues to warm, the two hemispheres and their inhabitants, such as people living in small island nations, will have to adapt to the patterns of the stars, winds, and ocean waves. These patterns speak to us every minute of every day to do the right thing. The earth's inhabitants are running short of time to adapt to these patterns, and the more we ignore these patterns, the more these patterns will overpower civilization!

Whatever you do heading into the summer, please be safe and enjoy time with families and friends!

Education is the Equalizer of Society

Pacific Islander children and families are victims of climate change. They are being displaced from their homelands and suffering global economic disparities. For the love of their island nations, some are steadfast to what little they have left. 

Pacific Nations have insignificantly caused climate change but became climate refugees who arrived in Washington State as their new environment face multiple challenges due to language and cultural barriers. Every parent dreams that having a prosperous future for their children is their ultimate priority in their new environment. However, achieving such importance is a challenge in itself due to some parents' educational skill levels. Furthermore, parents find it challenging to navigate the education system and are discouraged due to the lack of support in their language and culture. Therefore, the cycle of marginalization and inequity for Pacific Islanders prolongs:

In 2019-20, only 33.1% of Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander (NHPI) that entered kindergarten were ready in all six areas of development and learning (OSPI).

In 2020-21, 14.4% (second highest among students of color) NHPI dropout of school (OSPI). 

VOPIN strives to provide high-quality, culturally responsive services and resources to eliminate educational and opportunity disparities for our children and families. As a community-based nonprofit, we believe that escaping poverty and elevating our children and families is a collaborative effort. VOPIN relied on the support of the community and donors to strengthen our programs to achieve the goal of 'Education is the Equalizer of Society.' 

Thank you for caring!

Youth Leadership & Development

Earn a stipend and scholarship while serving your community:

As part of our Youth and Young Adults program, VOPIN is recruiting for two motivated students (youth/young adult) interested in serving on our Board of Directors. While serving on the Board, youth members will receive a stipend for Board activities and an academic scholarship at the completion of their two-year commitment.

Apply through here.

Thank you for your generous and continuous support over the years!

Your donations have made our Mission and Vision achievable and helped strengthen and expand our programs to serve our marginalized children and families.